Find out How to Get Rid of Ants in Abu Dhabi with our expertise

Ants control isn’t as simple as dumping some poison on an ant hill and calling it good. Key to finding out how to get rid of ants is understanding the background of these nasty creatures and gaining a better understanding of how they work.

Understanding ant infestations and behaviours – the key to successful ants control

The first step to ants control, is understanding that these creatures will get through the smallest cracks in the home as they seek out water and substances that they can eat. They will go into pantries, storage areas until they find what they are looking for. As they do this, they will leave a chemical trail with pheromones so that other ants can follow them and the colonies can collect the food. These innate behaviours enable these insects to constantly find and stock up on food sources. This is also how they are able to build nests and colonies quietly inside your home.

Why you need professional ants control in Abu Dhabi

When you figure that on average there are 300,000 – 500,000 ants in a single hill, a few doses of chemical treatments are far from enough, especially when the queen can continue to thrive for up to 15 years. While there are pest elimination techniques you can perform yourself at home, most are only aimed at eliminating visible pests. As such, it is best to have a professional company like Kingdom Group handle the elimination of these pests. We know how to eliminate pests the first time and how to prevent colonies from expanding.

We get get rid of ants effectively

When you contact us, we’ll begin inspecting the location of nesting grounds surrounding your property. We can then treat the home from both the inside and the outside. We’ll then take the time to deal with the ant colonies located around your property. Don’t let the problem continue to spiral out of control. Contact us today and let us help you resolve your ant problem right away.
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